a bedtime adventure

Children's Book Series

This series of children’s books have Mom's bedtime stories taking Alexander, his cousin Victoria and Elmo (his best friend and dog) on amazing adventures around the world.  The stories are action packed with the promise of adventure, mystery, extreme sports, monsters, ancient ruins, and discoveries of a lifetime!  Where reality meets imagination!


SUSAN AGUILO      |      Canadian Children's Author      |      Toronto, ON      |      Canada      |     susan@abedtimeadventure.com


Coming Sep 15, 2018 Mom’s bedtime story takes Alex, his cousin Victoria, and Elmo (his best friend and dog) to the arctic Islands of Nunuvat, Canada for the final game of the International Monster Hockey League. The only problem is there are no humans allowed. When has a little problem like that ever stopped them? Join them on there craziest adventure yet.

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