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About Susan

Susan Aguilo grew up in Whitby, Ontario where she spent hours playing in the backyard and created fantasies of imaginary worlds. A reluctant reader herself it wasn’t until grade 4 when she was introduced to Dr Seuss that she discovered her love of reading.  Susan soon began writing stories of imginary worlds with pirates and princesses.


All grown up, Susan writes full-time and lives in Toronto with her husband, son and two big dogs Steve and Buddy.


Mother of a reluctant reader Susan applied her gift of imagination creating bedtime stories for her son from a very young age.  Prince Alejandro and his faithful steed Elmo led many adventures and these stories morphed into the series you see today.


Some of Susan's work include "a bedtime adventure Series" with books like Alexander and the Spear of Destiny, Adventure in the Amazon and Mummy on the Nile.


On a school visit, a grade 5 student who loves reading her stories challenged her to write her first novel for middle school, tweens.  With a storyline already perculating she began to write the first book of A Guardian Series, "The Earth's End."  A 184-page, fantasy fiction book. Both series are based on her son Alex, and his cousin Victoria.


When she's not busy writing, she spends her time visiting schools and libraries across southern Ontario sharing her love of writing and storytelling.


In her spare time she likes to read, go to the movies, do yoga and sail around Lake Ontario dreaming up new adventures.


Fun Facts:

·        Favorite TV Series is the Librarians.

·        Favorite Movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (She has watched                 it over 200 times)

·        She loves watching "B" rated action, adventure and sci/fi movies

·        Favorite children's author growing up was "Dr Seuss"

·        She actually owns each pair of converse shoes shown in her children's books.

·        Dream of sailing around the world and visiting strange, unusual places.


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