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Educational Resources

Teachers, Librarians and Bookgroups

Welcome teachers, librarians and book group leaders! All some of my favorite people. This page touches on some information about promo items for schools and libraries, school visits, library visits, student activities and even has a discussion guide for the first book in  A Guardian Series.

Promotional Material

If you’re a teacher, librarian or bookseller in North America, you can contact with an email asking for   posters, postcards, bookmarks, wristbands and other promotional materials! Just indicate what it is you do, where you work, and why you want the items. (This is only for librarians/booksellers unfortunately - not for individual fans)

School and Library Visits

My presentations focus on Grade 1-3 for "a bedtime adventure Series" and Grade 4-8 for “A Guardian Series”.  All visits are a maximum of 3 presentations per 1/2 day.  (60-120 students per presentation)  The presentations are focused on storytelling, how to feed their imagination, editing, how a book is made, publishing, etc...


One hour novel writing workshops for Grade 5-10 and the "Build a Book" program Grade K-8 are now available for the 2015/2016 school year.


Book Groups & Discussion Guides

If your library book group or independent book club is reading and discussing The Earth's End, that’s wonderful! You can find a discussion guide for the series here with questions and activities.  You can also contact me directly for a free facetime or skype visits with the group.    Coming Soon

Student Activites

​​Have some fun with your students as you discover more about a bedtime adventure series! Here is a selection of easy-to-print activity sheets.

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