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Technology vs Books: Friend or Foe?

Audiobooks, e-books, soft cover books or hard cover books are we losing to technology? Absolutely not! I am a huge reader. I love action, mystery, & science fiction books. As a multitasking mother I have less time time for my hobby and have discovered a love of audio books. I can cook, vacuum, or even do the dishes while listening to some of my favourite authors. I have been known to burn dinner occasionally while having my nose stuck in a book so my family is much happier. Don't get me wrong I still have a collection of soft cover books that I enjoy on the beach and on the boat. I must admit having an i-pad that holds movies, books, games and work that can easily fit in my purse makes my life so much easier. I always have an educational apps or books to entertain my son no matter where I am. Kids are not limited by technology; they have more opportunities to read now that ever before. Most parents have phones, androids or an ipad and hand them over to their children regularly. Audio Books - Great for kids on long car rides, quiet time or bedtime. E-books - Great for restaurants, waiting rooms, quiet time or bedtime. Soft Cover/ Hard Cover - Great for pretty much anywhere but takes up space. The biggest challenge facing kids today is having educated parents that know which applications are not only educational but engaging. Pinterest, Itunes, Teachers, Libraries, School Websites & Mommy Blogs are some of the many places you can go to for recommendations for age appropriate online educational games and books for kids. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. Here are some of my favourite apps that I enjoy as much as my son:

  • Scrabble

  • Boggle

  • E-Books (Kindle or Kobo, Dr. Seuss, Toy Story, Alexander and the Spear of Destiny etc....)

  • Pictureka

  • Find Waldo

  • Science 360

  • Bridge Construction - Helps with Grade 4 bridge construction

  • Word Search

  • Four in a Row

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Book Creator (Great to create picture journals over the summer or school holidays)

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